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United Voice Union Epic FAIL

The United Voice Union (Qld) once again demonstrates it does not have what it takes to effectively and efficiently represent the interests of Prison Officers in Queensland. The union released a publication on 24 April 2018 announcing its submissions to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission - Taskforce Flaxton. Sadly for the union, it also named a Prison Officer in it's material which is now the subject of further inquiry and potential litigation itself. The purpose of unions is to "protect and promote" the interests of workers in matters concerning their employment. The unions submissions, as recklessly defamatory as they are for the officer concerned, fall some way short of the man

Human Rights Watch and Brian Newman Meet to Discuss Prison Matters

Earlier this year, Brian Newman and Human Rights Watch Disability Rights Researcher, Kriti Sharma met in Shine Lawyers offices in Brisbane to discuss the challenges confronting prisoners with disabilities in Australian prisons. Ms Sharma and Brian Newman had a lengthy discussion about the concerns highlighted in the report published by Human Rights Watch following the extensive research undertaken by Ms Sharma entitled “I Needed Help, Instead I Was Punished”. The report, albeit a moderately comprehensive one, did not consider the full range of issues of concern for Prison Officers, staff and their safety. "... let's work together on these issues" Whilst we understand the agenda was to raise

Income Protection Insurance Class Action

The developing class action to get justice for hundreds and possibly thousands of Prison Officers is proceeding well. Watch the 7NEWS report. Brian Newman, the Australian Prison Officers Association (APOA) and Workers First are all working tirelessly to pull together a brief of evidence to ensure that the truth behind this sham is exposed and that Prison Officers are able to get closure on this long running scam. So far Prison Officers from Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre and the Serco managed Southern Queensland Correctional Centre have provided sworn statements about the manner in which they have been treated by the United Voice Union and its Officials and the representatives of Windsor

Brian Newman Seriously Assaulted During Robbery

25 March 2018 was a day I will remember for some time to come. An ex-prisoner named Peter Punch and a female co-offender named Teleca Rose Shallcross broke into the Workers First office in Beenleigh and smashed the office up before stealing property and attempting to escape. They had triggered the CCTV which alerted me to their presence as I sat at home with four of my six children. My Wife Danielle was shopping in Beenleigh with our youngest and oldest daughters. WATCH 7NEWS STORY I called Danielle and told her that we were being robbed and told her to park near the office and take as many photos as possible of people in the area, whilst I called 000 and reported the robbery to Police. What



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