• Brian Newman

Domestic Violence Victims, Decision-making, Dis-empowerment & Empowerment

One of the issues which confront women who have been victims of violence, is their capacity and ability to contribute to the decision to commence and seek a remedy via civil or criminal proceedings.

We know that domestic violence in all its forms is designed to dliever disempowerment of both women and men, whereas in the past the courts have been inclined to focus only on the issues confronting women.

It is true that the main perpetrators of domestic violence are in fact men, and that the victims are usually their female spouses,.

However, as I mentioned earlier, in todays world the reportable instances of domestic violence in the gay and lesbian communities are rising, as are the instances of men being the victims of violence perpetrated by women.

There is no such thing as a perfect storm in the world of domestic violence and in reality, any one of the people we know, men, women and children alike, are all capable of cruelty given the conditions of environment and influence.

One arising issue for victims is the ability for authorities to take decision-making away from them when it comes to the defining moment in the brief of evidence to prosecute a civil or criminal case against the perpetrator.

For this very reason, Family Law Investigations services are vital to ensure that the wishes of the aggrieved spouse or family member are well articulated and that there is a capacity for the perpetrator to be appropriately dealt with to ensure that the perpetrator is held to account for their actions, but more importantly, that the victim is able to apprehend the sense of justice and re-gain their power over themselves.

Any other decision-making strategy without the victims input could potentially serve only to exacerbate the feeling of disempowerment.

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