• Brian Newman

Self-worth & Respect

Throughout our lives, we often have moments of self doubt and even loathing.

A clarifying moment in your lifetime could be the moment your investment in a relationship is negated by the actions of another party, causing you to look inward and question your own values and moral ethics.

A good friend of mine Tony Green once told me about the man in the mirror, and the need for you to be happy with the man in the mirror and no-one else in your moral and ethical mind and person.

This is a standard I have personally and steadfastly embraced for many years and as I reflect on the countless years wasted in terms of invested relationships with people, it occurs to me that I am not alone.

Many may well say they have wasted their investment in me, as I might say about them, but the inescapable truth is, we will all invest in people, who will from time to time cause us to question our own self-worth and position of respect on the social ladder.

In truth, the only one that matters, is the man in the mirror, so be yourself and be happy with the man looking back at you from the mirror today.