• Brian Newman

Negotiating Outcomes v Beating War Drums

Beating drums can be very entertaining, particularly so if you’re a music enthusiast, perhaps not so entertaining is someone beating drums in a negotiation meeting to get an outcome for a worker.

Beating drums and blowing the perverbial whistle (not in the crime or corruption informant sense) have become the hallmarks of union represenatation in todays world, unfortunately this is an old and outdated method of advocacy and very rarely results in good or sustainable outcomes for workers.

In reality, good and sustainable outcomes for workers are far more likely through strong advocacy supported my material facts to support a business case which one might anticipate as pursuasive over the boss and help the worker get an outcome, effectively and efficiently.

Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) are touted by today’s unions as being their exclusive domain, the truth is, that’s no more than an attempt by the union movement to bully and intimidate workers into joining their numbers.

In fact, a worker can appoint any person they like to bargain on their behalf if they are covered by the Fair Work Act.

Don’t be fooled by the bullies, call Workers First for more information before you make a decision.

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