• Brian Newman

Income Protection Insurance, Are you Over-insured Because of the Union’s Clauses?

Workers First has uncovered what we believe to be a number of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) in which some unions have managed to insert clauses which falsely lead covered workers to believe that they MUST pay into the income protection policy within that union negotiated EBA.

Further to that are the infrequent clauses which state that only the union can select which income protection insurance provider can be used.

Trust in the union movement is dying, if not already dead and buried for so many of us, because of the kind of clauses in dodgy EBA which have been negotiated by the equally dodgy unions.

Workers First is presently gathering evidence to assist with the development of a class action, in which we anticipate that the unions and the bosses will equally be held to account for their oppressive and deceptive conduct at the behest of workers in a most fundamental manner.

We hope to be in a position to commence proceedings in this current financial year and we can offer that the success of this campaign will depend on the participation rate we get from concerned workers from all industries and sectors.

This is just the first of several matters we anticipate bringing to the attention of the Australian communities in which we all live and continue to feel the impact of secret commissions and corrupt conduct by persons in positions of trust.

To find out more about the class action, call 07 3807 3807 to arrange a consultation or visit workersfirst.com.au