• Brian Newman

Back it up or Shut up

In recent months there have been a great number of unions touting that they remain the devoted servants to their members.

Sadly, the union movement as we knew it as young Australians is no more, certainly that is the case for increasing numbers of Australians.

The new and emerging market of professional Industrial Advocacy firms such as Workers First are rising from the seeds of doubt that fall from the union’s “tree of knowledge” which itself is a dead as the movement which is constantly embroiled in allegations of corruption and failure to serve the very members they call on to support the campaigns of their Labor mates.

The development of professionally qualified Industrial Advocates with credentials that easily out gun most union organisers has seen a significant shift away from the union movement in some industries, whilst in others it remains the task of the Industrial Advocacacy firms to share their knowledge and educate the general public of their options when it comes to selecting representation for matters in their workplace concerning their employment, wages and conditions.

Presently Workers First and the Australian Prison Officers Association is commencing the search for professional Industrial Advocates and Workplace Investigators to join our firm and promote the interests of workers in matters concerning their employment.

Myself, Workers First and the Australian Prison Officers Associaiton have recently joined the Logan Youth Justice Network and other community interest groups to share our knowledge and to create opportunities for young disadvantaged youth disengaged from the education system.

We are excited about the future and we are looking forward to growing our team of professional Industrial Advocates and Workplace Investigators.

If you would like to know more about Brian Newman, Workers First or the Australian Prison Officers Association, please call our office to arrange a meeting with Brian Newman or one of the team on 07 3807 3807 or gethelp@workersfirst.com.au