• Brian Newman

Brian Newman Seriously Assaulted During Robbery

25 March 2018 was a day I will remember for some time to come.

An ex-prisoner named Peter Punch and a female co-offender named Teleca Rose Shallcross broke into the Workers First office in Beenleigh and smashed the office up before stealing property and attempting to escape.

They had triggered the CCTV which alerted me to their presence as I sat at home with four of my six children.

My Wife Danielle was shopping in Beenleigh with our youngest and oldest daughters.


I called Danielle and told her that we were being robbed and told her to park near the office and take as many photos as possible of people in the area, whilst I called 000 and reported the robbery to Police.

What followed was a fight for the safety and security of not just our business and our property, but the safety and well-being of our entire family.

The only thing between Danielle and my children and the drug fueled Punch and his co-offender Shallcross was me.

There is much more to this story that will follow. Police are searching for a third suspect named Jason Punch, brother of Peter Punch.