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United Voice Union Epic FAIL

The United Voice Union (Qld) once again demonstrates it does not have what it takes to effectively and efficiently represent the interests of Prison Officers in Queensland.

The union released a publication on 24 April 2018 announcing its submissions to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission - Taskforce Flaxton.

Sadly for the union, it also named a Prison Officer in it's material which is now the subject of further inquiry and potential litigation itself.

The purpose of unions is to "protect and promote" the interests of workers in matters concerning their employment.

The unions submissions, as recklessly defamatory as they are for the officer concerned, fall some way short of the mantra to protect and promote the interests of Prison Officers.

The union's manifestly unfair and apparently shameless exploitation of "half truths" and what should be regarded as puff, herald the continuing decline of the union movement in Australia, due to their readiness to betray the principles of natural justice at any juncture for the sake of a 1 minute headline.

This is a time for meritorious and thorough investigation into corrupt activities within Queensland prisons, not an opportunity for union scare mongering campaigns of the public and the defamation of individuals and the corrective services industry in Queensland itself.

In direct contrast Brian Newman met with investigators from the Taskforce Flaxton almost two weeks earlier and made confidential submissions on the instructions of members and clients, without the need to publicly ridicule and unfairly defame individuals or the industry, all done so in abeyance of the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness and without the EPIC FAIL factor we have come to know as modern day unionism in Australia.

Want to read the union's EPIC FAIL? See it online on my Facebook page and leave a comment.

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