• Brian Newman

The changing face of Advocacy in Australia

You’re going to need more than a passing moment to ponder these words.

For too long Australian workers have been treated like fools by union bosses, corporate hoodwinkers and those so undesirable to the mainstream, their only bastion is found in their retreat to our various parliaments hiding behind the vale of public service.

Lawyers and Advocates alike have tried for too many years to discover the right formula to ‘help’ workers out of the minefield that is industrial relations.

"the power of advocacy lays within the ranks of workers first"

Until now, it’s been an impossible task to disentangle the romantic idealistic expressions of redundant rhetoric from the underlying sense of loyalty and common sense.

Workers First under my leadership has embraced the plain service model long left to decay by the Australian union movement in lieu of the financially lucrative organising model that now serves as the crippling weigh around the neck of the union movement.

Want to know more? all you need to do is look closer at what is happening in your own workplace and then call Workers First when you’ve seen all you can see, heard all you can hear and no longer are crippled yourself by the falsity of union fear mongering.

Solidarity is not just a word or catchy union cry, it’s a way of life, live it or never utter it.